A Family Company

Recruitment is about people – finding the right person to fit into a role within a company made up of other people.

However, it doesn’t end there. The newly hired individual also has a personal life, often with a family who are being uprooted into an entirely new environment.

Part of a quality recruitment process has to be about enabling the candidate as well as their family to envision their new life – where they will live, where their children will go to school, where they will buy groceries, what they will do if they get sick and so on.

Al Rawabit is made up of people with families, and we believe in providing a fully supported relocation service to maximise the probability of a successful placement for all concerned.

Our fully trained consultants welcome the opportunity to discuss any potential move with the whole family, not just the candidate. In the meantime please free to check out the Abu Dhabi visitor website or this video for more local information.